The L O V E

This was a little bit of a big challenge for me and I hope I was a good example of the correct way to sign the four letters that are a big part of this word and this world …. L O V E ….. isn’t that what it’s about, love one another as we want to be loved, but what does that mean …. it seems different for each person.  I believe Jesus is the ultimate example of this love, He died for us, why can’t we follow?

There is so much going on in this world right now  and as I go along in this life, I think about how I, me and just myself, how I interact with others and how I see others, I believe I need to stop pointing my finger at others, I am judging, I am condemning and I must remember Jesus, the perfect being and with that we must all remember when we look at Him, we all fail short.  When we are so quick to judge others, what does that say about us? Maybe we should pray and pray fervently for them, that’s what they need most, not us standing there condemning them, but us praying for them with love in our hearts, love that comes from the one who has forgiven us for all our sins, those sins that we seem to hang on too.  If you don’t think you have a sin, stop and spend sometime with the our Lord, he will tell you about it.   Maybe some will not agree with the words I have written, but I feel comfort with these words, these words that just flow from my mind and I think Thank You Jesus!!! Now you know where I stand and hopefully stand with me, if not maybe you stand with LOVE for each other!!!

Good Night my friends.  Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive, and smile.


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