The Yellow

The Yellow

So tonight’s picture isn’t much of a stretch of the imagination, but I was a little prolonged with my picture taken time by another endeavor for which was a tad more important, getting my son’s birthday gift ready for mailing.

It is amazing how much I love this son of mine and oh how I miss him being home under my roof.  I miss going shopping with him (well I shopped and I dragged him along), I miss talking with him and I just miss him being around everyday!!! He moved far away from us, but even when he was close by we really didn’t talk much anymore.   I sometimes wonder if I embarrassed him (well of course I did, I am his mom and that’s what we do … lol).  It’s a funny thing about parents and their children, parents can (and will) embarrass their children, for which said children might just can’t wait to grow up and get away from these parents.  Now this isn’t the funny part,  I miss that  embarrassing parent, I miss those talks with my parents and I MISS MY PARENTS!!! My hope is at some point my son will miss those moments and me as well.

Good night beautiful friends!! Now that I have depressed myself, I will need to remember to be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile!!!!


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