The Oil

The Oil-2

Today whilst cooking our dinner, the oil that I was warming was just calling me to take a picture, so I did.  I, of course, thought it wasn’t quite fascinating enough so I changed it to black & white.

This weekend I am so thankful for all I have and the freedom for which I have to do those things I so enjoy to do.  I have a couple of projects that I have been working on for years (yes, YEARS!!!) and this weekend I am one step closer to having them completed. (Yay!!).  The one thing I do excel at extremely well is my able to procrastinate, for this I could win an award, as you can probably grasp since a project has taken me years to complete.  Why would I admit this? …. Well I think it’s good for us to own our short comings, to fully admit to them and try to overcome them.  Mind you this is just one of many that I seem to be inflicted with and I am working on this one in particular diligently.  First, I am holding close the way it feels to get things done, to check things off my list, that overall feeling of accomplishment it brings, but then I get distracted, I lose my focus … oh look a cat. (lol, yes that was meant to be funny, but it’s not far from the truth)  Well, there it is, another thing I put out there about myself.

Good night beautiful friends.  Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile.


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