The Playful

The Play-3

Tonight I was less than creative so I chased after the kitties until I was satisfied with the shot, my poor kitties.  I do so enjoy photographing animals, mainly pets, maybe this could be an avenue to pursue.

Today was a day spent doing very little, not crying anymore, but still miss my Smokey.  I know some don’t understand this love we have for our animals, none the less it is there and it is real, just because you don’t understand does not make it so.  It’s not like I will mourn forever, but I think an extra day of sadness is not totally inappropriate.  The hubby did say ‘No new cats’, but I heard there was a playful girl at our local ‘Petsmart’, I just need to come up with a good reason for us to go, oh that’s right, we still have three cats in the house in the need of things one would find at a pet store, so we shall see.  I also need to say how blessed we are to have the best veterinarians, who have taken such great care of our babies through the years, they are the primary reason we were able to have Smokey around all these years.

Good night my beautiful friends.  Remember to be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile.


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