The Baby Bear

The Baby Bear

This is our Smokey aka Baby Bear, today was his last day here on earth with us.  I took this picture yesterday and this is the last picture I took of him.  He was the best little guy, in his younger days his personality reminded us of Snoopy, you could almost hear that laugh of Snoopy’s when he would do something.

Smokey came to us in 2001, when a friend needed to find him a new home.  She knew we loved cats and asked us to take him in as she wanted to make sure he was cared for completely. The hubby was not immediately keen with the idea for him to come live with us at first, but it wasn’t long before Smokey had the hubby wrapped around his little paw.  He was so cute and went through many stages of funny little habits, the first being he had this weird thing with socks.  He would drag a single sock and leave by the food dish, never knew why, weird.  He also had a basket full of  bundle socks that he would toss in the air with his teeth and then catch them, weird.  We would be sitting on the couch and all of a sudden  we would see a pair of socks flying in the air, miss that so much.   Unfortunately, he did become ill, which took a lot out of him, but he hung in there for several more years.  He was well-loved by us and he loved us very well.  He would hear our cars come in after work and he would be waiting at the door for us to come in, even after he became ill he would still do this, however during this last year he eventually stopped doing that as well.   He was our Mokey Bear, Baby Bear, and so many more nicknames, but most of all he was our fur baby, whom we loved so much and we will miss him tremendously!!! I will not lie, I cried a lot more than I thought I would, he has been going down hill lately, so I assumed I was prepared …. I was not. I am pretty tired after this emotional day, I know some folks really don’t understand and it’s hard for us to explain this love we have for our furry family and they are part of our family!!  Forgive me if I rambled or it doesn’t make sense.

Good night beautiful friends. Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile.  Oh and hug your little furry family members extra tonight.


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