The Lens

The Lens

Okay, so ignore the dirty lens, but I had fun with this one.  The lighting didn’t work completely as I wanted, but I am pleasantly pleased with this one.

I really do wish I had a brain, today I had the opportunity to speak with some new individuals and I was so afraid if I spoke I would come across as I see myself, a little on the brainless side.  So sad that I have such low self-esteem and confidence in myself, but I know a lot of folks who have this problem.  Some wear it on their selves (like me) and some sit quietly by, but being quiet has never been an issue for me. lol  I actually do think I am losing brain cells, is that possible?  Anyway, this to shall pass, so farewell for the evening.

Good night beautiful friends!! Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile!!


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