The Upward

The Up-2

I was out and about today, I thought this would make a good picture.   I have intentions to load up my camera and head back out to this same location at some point.  Lots of pictures to be taken, when I have more time.

After the last few days I have made a startling discovery, I am just not that bright.   I get by and all, but after reading a couple of friends perfectly worded post (which I was hoping I would do better at some point), the fact I can’t remember anything (really, I’m not even sure I remember what I just wrote) and the outing I had today (felt like I had nothing to contribute) ….. I am just not that smart.  Believe me, it is not easy for me to admit, I always thought I was pretty intelligent, not genius by any means, but at least a reasonable amount of brain function.  Lucky for me I have hope, hope I will learn to write a well constructed sentence, in a interesting story which shall hold my reader captivated. (working on it at this very moment as I write this).  As always this feeling shall pass, but I must make a better effort and flex this brain of mine so maybe, just maybe this space between my ears will become a more useful organ.

Good night beautiful friends!!! Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive (like I am trying to do now) and smile.


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