I realize this is another flower, but it is an important shot for me for two reasons ….  I used a new wide-angle/macro converter that came with my new camera (woo hoo) and the ISO for this shot was at 3200.   The high ISO on my other camera did not produce the greatest shot (well to me), but of course my camera is ten years old and camera’s have come a long way since in ten years. It could also be just my imagination because I am just a little insane.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there and a shout out to all those dads out there who are both mom and dad (it’s a great thing you do).   I did hear from my son, which is great because this boy (well man) holds my heart and does have the able to break my heart.  I love seeing everyone’s pictures with their moms, it’s wonderful to read the tributes they post, to see the how much their moms mean to them and much they appreciate their moms.  As I have said before, as someone who’s mom is no longer with us, it does my heart good to see all this love, kindness and appreciations bestowed upon moms everywhere.  Hugs to all you great moms out there!!!!

Good night beautiful friends.  Remember to be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and always smile.


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