The Apple

The Last Apple

I have tried this shot many times and this is the first time I have had any kind of success. It’s all about how to get the drops of water and now I know it’s all about condensation!!!

As the days approach  Mother’s Day, my thoughts have been focused on my mom (as most children’s thoughts are).  I just cannot express how much I love my mom, how much I miss her and what an extraordinary person she was truly!!!  Her talents were numerous, but to me her greatest was how she could draw.  Her medium of choice was chalk (not sure what kind) and she could draw anything, she was truly a great artist. Her life was not an easy life, she was a kind individual and put up with a lot from those whom she loved.  At times I feel I failed my sweet and kind momma, this person who gave me life, this person who loved me, this person who put up with my attitudes, this person who loved my brothers and me(despite how we treated her at times), this person who fought for us, this person who deserved so much better then this world gave her, so much more than we, her family, gave her. I wish I had the chance to make it up to her, because right now she would be treated like a queen and I would give her the world.  I have heard before that only the good die young, well my mom was not just good but golden. I have never in all my life know another individual like my mom.  I have exposed some of my heart right here for you, my dear mother fills up so much of my heart even now, after all these years (which will be thirty-three in August).  She will forever be my mom, my best friend and my first love.  Just for tonight I will post two pictures, the second being a picture of my mom.  I took this with my first camera, a little 110, boy I thought I was it and my sweet momma stopped and posed for me, man I loved and love this woman!!!!!

my mom

Good Night beautiful friends.  Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and always smile!!


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