The Other Side

The Other Side

Just goofing around and this is the result, I kind of like it.  I love trying to come up with something different, but some days it is difficult to thing of something different and new.

Last night I told you the hubby had been out-of-town for a month, well during that time I did not mow the lawn because the mower was down. As you can imagine our lawn is looking a little rough, not quite like a jungle, but pretty close (I think I saw Tarzan swinging around the yard the other day … lol).  Anyway on with the story, the neighbor was not aware that Jeff had made it home, so he came over this evening and started mowing our lawn, just to help me out!!! (we have four acres so it would not be an easy task)  The hubby thanked him for it and we would definitely get to it this weekend!! Such a sweet soul, we are so blessed!!!

Good night beautiful friends. Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and always smile!!! (well except those days when you don’t feel like smiling)



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