The Four

The Four-4

Yes my friends I have done it again, photographed some flowers.  I have said it before, I want to get my money worth out of the flowers I purchase.

So thrilled that my hubby is back after being out-of-town for a month, this has opened my eyes to so many things!!!  First, I have a new appreciation for our military, their loved ones and the sacrifice they make for us.  My hubby was only gone for ONE MONTH and we were able to speak everyday and I knew where he was at all times, they do not. Plus they are gone for a long periods of time, so yes  I have a new appreciation for our military and their families, so God Bless you!!! I am also very thankful for having a roof over our heads and food on our table when I know others do not, for this I am so  thankful!!! I am so grateful for my friends and co-workers who texted and called to see how I was doing and put up with my moments of ‘freaking out’ when I was concerned about my hubby, so I am grateful to them for getting me through this month!!! So in one month I have experienced more appreciation for others, I have become ever so much more thankful for what I have and extremely grateful those in my life!!!  It was a long month, but a month full of growth for me.

Good night beautiful friends!!! Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and always smile.


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