The Smoke

I was trying for something else and this happened.  This is a recurring thing with me, try one thing and it goes a different way, I go where my camera takes me.

As I went through my day today many thoughts came to my mind (as usual), but for the most part, it was this, it is very discouraging the lack of respect that is seen in this world.  I see it everyday in so many places, it makes me stop and analyze me …. how am I with other people, of course the answer is simple ….. I do have those moments when I am disrespectful to others.   We must all do this from time to time,  examine us, now stay with me on this I’m not saying we are all bad seeds, just we have some things that might not be so appealing to others (those recurring areas where maybe we could be better), please forgive me for my bluntness.    So there I said it and I am done telling you what you might want to do,, because I am to busy working on myself.

Good night beautiful friends!!! Remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile.


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