The Single

The Single

Another night and another tulip, yes it’s a tulip again!!!

It’s another day done and another chance to be better and do better.  I feel lately I have been of a fragile state, it’s quite maddening for me, but I must shake this feeling and be stronger.  As the world was turning this morning I was thinking about many things, mainly people and relationships. We really do need to start treating each other with more respect and compassion. Be kind with your words, be understanding, think about what the other person maybe going through. Most of all realize not one person is perfect, we all our flawed and we all sin. Truly listen to each other and talk with each other not at each other. Open up our hearts and our minds!!!! This has been my mission this year and believe me I have stumbled, but God is forgiving and understanding …. so should we. We are blessed!!!

Good Night beautiful friends!! Remember always …. be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile!!!


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