The Clear

The Clear

Okay, so not a stretch on this one, but I am a little tired and just went for something quick and easy.  Look for the glass to reappear at a later date, I do have other ideas, but this was available so I just went for it.

I think it’s a wonderful thing to do for others, not only does it helps the person, but gives you a good feeling as well.   Of course giving us that ‘good feeling’ shouldn’t be the reason we do help others, but because they are in need of something.  This need can come in many forms, but it’s not what you do that counts, but how you do it, meaning that it comes from the heart.  Yes my friends, kindest goes a long way in this world and we should be spreading it more often.

Good night beautiful friends!!! Remember, to be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile!!! 🙂


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