The Glow

The Glow

I have been pondering this one for a while and decided that tonight was the night to give it a try and it turned out okay.  It’s not quite like the original  for which I obtained this idea, but it is acceptable.

It’s acceptable, that seems to be what I say a lot lately, it’s acceptable, meaning it’s not really great, but I will have to accept it …. because it’s not going to get any better.  But I haven’t given up on my ability to be a better photographer, I shall strive on and will not be defeated by my own self-doubt.  Self doubt is a dreadful thing and can keep you down if you let it, but you cannot let it keep you down. It did happen to me this week you know, I felt so defeated, which may not be all due to my self-doubt, but more on my ability to do they very thing I love to do well enough to success. So there you have it, me discussing my weakest moment, but also moving on to try, try again.

Good Night beautiful friends!! Always remember, be a blessing  and be blessed, keep positive and smile!!!!!


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