The Yellowless Rose

The Black & White-2

Here it is my friends, tonight’s picture, another rose.  I am always trying something different with lighting, probably shouldn’t until I understand light more, but oh well.

I have so many thoughts going around my brain right now I am not sure where to start.  I did something this week for which I need to apologize to someone.  I am one of those folks who does not think before she reacts.  I have really been working on this, but some days I fail and I am extremely disappointed in myself at this time, however, I do have the opportunity to apologize, for which I will.  I also know that we all have things that make us not totally great, as there is not one person who is perfect.  Some days I feel folks forget this, you know that they are not perfect, but are always pointing out the flaws of others.  Well, there you have my two cents, probably not worth that much.

That’s all folks, I am tired and have no more words to say …. Good Night beautiful friends …. remember, be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile!!!


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