The Rose

The Yellow Rose

As you can gather from the photo, I have purchased another round of flowers (the cats needed a break, lol).  Today was a busy day and I didn’t even think about picking up my camera until 8, since it was getting late I wanted to see what kind of photo I could capture with little to no setup and voilà, the above is the result.  Not to bad and the best part is, while I was gathering just a few things for this capture, I came up some really great future ideas.

Do you ever feel folks just don’t get you?  I posted this on Facebook yesterday and it’s amazing how many folks feel the same.  It has me thinking … do we try to understand folks or do we categorize them in who we think they are, just solely on what we think, maybe based on our past experiences with others and not them as an individual person … I am ashamed to say I do this at times.  I am seriously going to take a hard look at myself and how I enter act with those around me, seriously!!!  So I have now added another item to my list of things to work on, but it is all good stuff and things which will make be better in the long run (well if I can actually get these things accomplished)

Good Night beautiful friends!!!! Always, remember … be a blessing and be blessed, keep it positive and smile!!!!


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