The Plane, The Plane

The Plane, The Plane

Well here it is and I actually did something different. The sun was setting,  so the light is low, which means I had to increase the ISO and in turn made the picture a little grainy.  I still like it and it gave me some practice with adjusting the camera settings in fast pace scenario.

Since yesterday and my son leaving I only cried once, it was this morning and I kind of bald like a baby, but it is finally out of my system.  It is amazing the amount of love you can have for one person, but he is one special person to me.   Of course now I find myself wondering, how is the drive going, are they having problems, should I send him a text, of course I will not, at least not right now.   I am also a little concerned I annoyed him, his friends, my husband, my friends, co-workers …. because I was just going on and on about it.  So I will be better, stronger and not so weepy, I promise!!!

With that beautiful friends, I will say Good Night and sweet dreams!


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