The Lizard

The Lizard

So I actually ventured outside today and captured a lizard, well I didn’t physically capture the lizard just took a picture with my camera. I am really not the lizard type of girl, so I would not want to actually capture a lizard.

It’s so nice to have friends, those folks you can always count on to be there when you need them or just put up with your sorry procrastinating self.  Today I was around a couple of great examples of great friends, first, we visited some dear friends whom we have known for several years (no need to get into just how many years) and they really are amazing and again, they put up with this mess that is me.  Second, we visited with our son and his friend he knew from high school, this friend is a great friend … always there for my son and helping out when possible.  It is great to know he has a friend he can count on … my son actually has a couple of great friends, for that I am truly thankful.  Hope all of you know that kind of friendship.

Good Night beautiful friends!!!


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