The Splash

The Splash

I am a little late getting this post done for tonight, but at least it is getting done.  I have this fascination with water, so ta-da, it’s a water shot.  I still have a couple of ideas, but I will still be working on those shots, so stayed tune.

You always hope and pray that your children will not have any of your bad habits.  Do children inherit procrastination for their parents?  Unfortunately, my son is a procrastinator and I am so upset, poor kid, if possible to inherit this characteristic, he definitely got is from me.   I told him to work on it NOW!!!!! Fortunately, I believe this blog has helped me with my procrastination, well except tonight (hence the late hour in getting this post completed).   I, my friends, is so tired and think I will call it a night.

I was also blessed today by a teacher at a school I worked at today.  I had indicated that this week has been a rough week for me (which I should not have said) and her class made it so much better.  Later, I received a gift of chocolate with a very lovely note and a scripture.  I felt so very blessed by her kindness, it was just what I needed.

That’s it, so Good Night beautiful friends!! Be a blessing and be blessed.


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