The Eyes

The Eyes-3

Hello friends!!! Okay, so it’s a cat picture, but at least I was going for something, I was actually trying to get those pupils as big as possible and I would say it was a success.  Do you know what it takes to get a cats pupils that big, while holding a camera and all the while waiting to catch that shot without walking away tattered and torn.

A nice thing happened today, I woke up this morning thinking it was Wednesday and quickly realized it was Thursday, made for a great beginning of the day.  However, it quickly decelerated and let’s just say, I am glad it’s over.  Luckily I was fortunate enough to work with someone who was ready with a hug (they really do make things better) and a kind word (which always helps).  Tomorrow is Friday and I know all will be well!!! I love Friday’s!!!!

Good Night beautiful friends!!! Sweet dreams!!!


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