The Strange

The Strange-2The picture for tonight is done, the brain just wasn’t coming up with anything that would produce an effectively great picture, so you have the strange.  I did however come up with an idea to do tomorrow (if I have time for the set up), so tomorrow nights picture should be better. (again, if I can get home and get the setup done in a timely manner).

I have been working on becoming a calmer person, you know ‘when the going gets tough the tough get going’ kind of person. Well today I failed, I came close to having a complete melt down, right there in the middle of my job.  However, someone noticed I was losing it and provided me with a few drops of essential oil that would help calm myself down (not sure which one it was, but man did that help).  So I survived the day and thankful that tomorrow is another day to be calmer.

Good Night beautiful friends!!!!


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