The Spotlight

The Spotlight

I love photography, which is obvious, and my favorite part is working with lighting.  I use my flash and an occasionally I use just a flash light, as I have done with tonight’s picture.  The flower looks like it’s in the spotlight, which I have done.

Today was a good day, you know one of those days when you think maybe it will just be okay, but turns out totally awesome.  Don’t you just love those kind of days, plus I reviewed some pictures I did yesterday and I am thankful and happy they turned out.  I am feeling so very thankful today for so many things and just can’t contain this thankfulness.  I am also thankful that I have accomplished posting on this blog page for the last seventy-seven days!!!!! This is so amazing for a person who procrastinates (I guess I can’t say that anymore).

With that last bit of good news I will say farewell for the night.  Sweet dreams my beautiful friends. Remember be a blessing and be blessed.  Keep in positive and smile!!!!



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