The Light Below

The Light Below

Here it is my friends, it’s March and I am still doing my thing with this blog.  Tonight’s picture is a little experiment (my camera, my flash ….. yes we like the adventure), it turned out pretty cool.  I love when I have an idea and it works out.

Two things have happened the last few days that have me thinking … first, when it comes to other flashes, I have a little bad luck.  Today, while at a school had a little issue and then, bam, it started working again.  Not sure what happened to make it stop working and then start working again, but I think it’s me.  Also, the last few days I have seen some wonderful photos that by some very talented folks and I’m thinking maybe I should work harder and then I think, maybe ‘Could I ever be that good?’.  Well only one way to find out,  I must try and try again.  Practice makes perfect, right?

Time for me to go off and contemplate the above and have sweet dreams of better photos. Good night my beautiful friends.


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