The Green Drop

The Green Drop

There is one very important thing to remember when viewing tonight’s picture, the whole point of this blog is to encourage me to pick up my camera everyday and take a picture.  Some days the photos will be stellar and creative and some days, well you will get tonight’s picture.  I did learn a little more about settings and such, so all is not lost.  Plus, I had a busy weekend and today was so awesome, I just couldn’t think of anything else, but how extremely pleasing my day turned out.

Today I was able to visit with him for a while and that always, I mean ALWAYS makes for a great day.  As a parent you are always pleased when you realize your child has turned out to be an amazing adult.  When they are responsible, they can live on their own, mature enough to handle life, a very loyal friend and most importantly …. do not have any of your bad characteristics.  I have so many, but one of them, he is not afraid to take changes and adventures in life. I am not the fraidy cat I used to be, my job has definitely helped me overcome some of this fears.

The picture is done, I have had my say and tomorrow is Monday, so I need to prepare for the week ahead.  Good evening my beautiful friends.  Thank you for following me and I hope to improve with  my pictures, my adventures and my writings.





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