The Closeup

The Closeup

Some nights you just can’t seem to get the shot you are looking for, so you just close your eyes and pick one, tonight is one of those nights.  I have a lot of ideas going through my, but tonight just was not landing, so as a result I photographed a dandelion.

I am seriously working on getting some creative potos on here, I believe I have done pretty a good job the past few nights, then there is tonight’s photo.  But isn’t that life in general, some days you are on your game, everything is clicking and then some days you can’t seem to walk without tripping over your own feet.  Since it has been one of those evenings, I think I will bid you all a farewell and will meet you back here tomorrow evening.

Have a good evening or afternoon or morning or whatever time of a day it may be while you are reading this post.


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