The Forks in a Row

Tonight I actually did a little searching online to find some ideas, this is the result of one of those ideas. I have found some other ideas as well, so you need to keep checking back to see what is new.

I am in the process of being better …. better person, better photographer, better writer (all of these things are still very much a work in progress).  I think we all have an opportunity everyday to do better, be better and most importantly do the right thing.  For me it’s saying the right thing and today I might have not been at my best, but thankfully tomorrow is another day to get it right.

So tonight’s picture is of forks and the shadow effect, again.  The forks are placed a little differently, but it’s still forks and shadows.  Since I found a picture and tried to recreate it, I learned a few things and as I have discussed previously, this is one of the points of this blog.

The Forks in row

The picture is not exactly the same, but I am reasonably satisfied with the results.  Trust me when I say, if I was not satisfied, this picture would not be on this blog.

That’s it for now my friends, time to say good night and see tomorrow, new picture and new blog.



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