The Blue Drop

This is not the awe-inspiring shot I was hoping for, but it’s kind of cool.  I will work on this tomorrow in the dawns early light for a better image.

Today was another great day, shopping and wonderful company always makes for a fabulous day.   Found a bed I would like to purchase at some point in the future and a few other items, but decided I would return at a later date and if the items still look enticing, they will be purchased by myself.   So I have another exciting shopping day to look forward to, which hopefully will be happening forthwith. Also, I have done a little of nothingness (besides the picture of course), which is a fun thing every now and then.

While I was out shopping today, I did purchase these little bubble things, which is what I photographed tonight.  As I said before, very few of the pictures taken this evening were the results I was looking for, but tomorrow is another day to try again and try again I shall.

The Drop-4

With this I shall bid you all far well for the evening. I hope all have a fabulous morning, afternoon or evening, whatever the case may be for you my friend.

For me it is good night!! Until tomorrow my friends.


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