The Smokin’ Glass

I have this fascination with smoke, well photographing it anyway and so tonight’s picture involves smoke.

Tonight was a great kind of night …. I spent the evening with my wonderful son, whom I love with all my heart and his lovely girlfriend, whom I just met tonight.  How can I be the age I am (let’s not talk about the exact age) and still get nervous meeting new people.  Luckily I had my sister-in-law there who asked some good questions of her …. you know the kind, where did you grow up, where did you graduate, etc.  I was completely drawing a blank, maybe I didn’t want to say anything that could upset her, which in turn would upset my son (did I mention I love him with all my heart?) and this is the last thing I wanted to do.  I am so happy for this kid of mine, I just cannot contain myself.  He was a joy to raise and such a joy to see him grow into the man he is today.  Yes, tonight was a great kind of night!!!!

So as I stated in the beginning, I really love photographing smoke, so after a few shots of nothingness, I came up with the photo tonight.  I am not so impressed with the lighting, but this is a blog to help in my drive to learn more and more about photography.

The Smokin' Glass

It’s amazing what the camera pick’s up, man I need to clean the sheet I use or maybe I need better glasses, because I did not see all that cat hair while I was photographing.  Maybe since I have at least two cats in the house for the last twenty something years, I just cannot really see the cat hair unless magnified.  Is that even a thing? After that last thought, it seems it is time to say so long for the night.

Good Night beautiful friends!!!



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