The Guitar

Tonight’s picture is the result of a trying to be creative and the plan was not working right, as usual, so you have this picture.

I was planning on working on craft projects today, but this morning I decided to clean and organize my pantry.  That was a big job, since I have not been as diligent at keeping it organized lately.  It was one of those jobs that you keep going and looking at the absolutely great job you did (yes, I am patting myself on the back with this one, which I really don’t do often).  It feels so fantastic to get a job done that you have been putting off for a while (let’s not discuss how long).  So once I am done with the typing, I plan on taking a journey into the kitchen to take another look at my handy work.

As stated above, tonight’s picture is of guitar and you should plan on seeing the reappearance of the guitar at a later date.   I am just pleased that I took another picture and I have posted for another day.  Oh and please ignore the dirt on the guitar, from the dirt you can come to the conclusion that I do not play this guitar much or maybe not at all.

The Guitar-2

The post it done, the day is over and I am happy (again because of the clean pantry).  So this is a wrap for the night my friends!!!

Good Evening beautiful friends!!!!


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