The Water Drop

Finally, I was able to get the shot!!!! It’s not perfect, but man I am pretty happy.  This one took some work, but I learned what to do or maybe just what not to do.

So happy it’s Friday, although I didn’t have a super rough week, it’s nice to know that I will not need to wake up to an alarm.  I have my housework done, so tomorrow I will be able to work on some craft projects.  So we have sleeping in and work on projects, plus I will be working on another idea for my next picture. Tomorrow has the potential to be a very creative day or I might just get lazy and watch movies all day.  It’s always exciting to see how the day will unfold.

I really had to work for the picture tonight and while it’s not perfect, I am reasonably pleased with the results.

The Water Drop

So there you have it my friends.  If you are counting (and I am) tonight’s post marks post number sixty-six, that means for the last sixty-six days I have posted a picture on this blog.  This is pretty awesome for someone who is a highly skilled procrastinator!!!

That is all I have (which was quite a bit), so good night my beautiful friends!!!!


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