The Glass

Okay, so the brain is not really firing on all cylinders tonight, so tonight’s picture is not as noteworthy as last nights, but it will do.

All day today I have thought it was Thursday  (which would mean tomorrow would be Friday), then reality hits and I realize it’s only Wednesday!!! Even so, I am so thankful (yes, thankful) to have air in my lungs and a job, even though I seem to work for the weekend, but don’t most of us.  So here I sit, tired, wishing tomorrow was Friday, but feeling thankful.  That is about all this brain can handle tonight.

For this picture I experimented with lighting, which is one of my favorite things to do in photography.   I was trying for something else, but the club soda I used in the glass do not want to do what I wanted, note to self … seltzer water next time.  As a result you have the picture below, which is simply me trying anything to get a picture to post.

The Glass

Okay, so I may be tired and the brain may not be cooperating, but I did it … a new picture for tonight’s blog.

With that, I will bid you all good night!!!


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