The Daisy

I love daisies, when I saw these I just had to have them. My mom loved daisies, I love my mom and these remind me of my mom.  I have some ideas in mind and  I am in the process of creating these vision which are floating around in this head of mine.

Today was one of those days in which you think back to happier times.  A dear sweet friend recently passed away and today I worked at a location that we both worked many, many times together.  I have many good memories with her and when I think about her one of my main thoughts is this, I feel like I missed the mark and didn’t spend enough time to get to know her.  I have this thing where I think people drive me crazy, but in reality they are great folks, however, I am in fact the one that tends to drive folks crazy.  Makes sense, no? …. well, now you understand where the ‘driving folks crazy’ comes in to play.  Anyway, I survived the day without my sweet friend, partly because another sweet soul was with me …. we hugged each other, thought of our friend and did  a great job in memory of our friend.

Speaking of sweet folks, there isn’t anyone sweeter, kinder and more special than my mom!!! Whenever I see a daisy, I think of my mom and these were just perfect.  So these is for my mom, who happens to be my first love.  I have never met another who was quite like her.

The Daisy

There you have it my friends, another photo, another post and another one of my stories.

Good Night beautiful friends!!!  Have the sweetest of dreams or if you working or whatever make it great!!!




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