The Cross

So this one isn’t really dramatic or spectacular, but I really like it.  I am working on some ideas, after all I still have 303 days to go.  Really love how this blog is keeping me moving on the camera and learning to do different things.

I wish I was a comedian, I know several folks who could pull it off.  It’s all about the timing and the way they tell their stories, not just jokes, delivery is everything.  When I tell a story, usually the sound of crickets are involved and some odd looks on folks faces.  I am pretty good at texting funny things …… wait maybe it’s not my delivery, but just my face that kills the joke.  haha  Okay, so maybe it’s the jokes and my face. Man, my list of things to work on is just getting longer …. photography, writing, joke telling.  I must get busy!!!

While the picture tonight may seem a little easy, it did take a little work and it was a learning experience.  Having said that, it was a little easy, but at least it’s not a cat picture.


There you have it, another picture, another blog post and another lesson for me.

Good Night my beautiful friends.  Have the sweetest of dreams, unless of course you are just going to work, then sleeping would not be wise.  (alright, now that was kind of funny)


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