Strawberry Drop

I worked a little on this one and everything around is soaked with water and seltzer.   It was a pretty fun project and as usual I am not completely satisfied, but practice makes perfect.

I really need to get my thoughts organized so I can have some reasonable words or stories to put on here.  This blog is a work in progress and the point of it is to help me with two things …. improve my photography skills and also to help with my writing skills (which still needs much help), but since this is a year-long blog, I still have time. So for tonight I will call this a wrap.

Here’s the picture of the night, this one idea I will be revisiting soon, it was pretty fun.  Not sure what some of the strange colors are, need to make sure I turn off lights and other things.


That’s a wrap my friends, I am tired and calling it a night.

Good Night beautiful friends and have the sweetest of dreams.


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