The Heart and The Ring

I thought outside the box tonight and tried something different.  I have wanted to try this shot for a while and with a little push for a dear sister, I decided tonight was the night to get it done.

Of course you can scroll down and she the picture, but I want to take a second to say yee-haw for Friday!!!!! Glad the week is almost over, although my week wasn’t as rough for me as some of my co-workers!! So glad for the weekend and a little down time.  Time spent with the hubby and my cats is never ever time wasted, oh and of course my camera.  So cheers to Friday, plus a Friday working with folks who make the day better!!! I actually worked with several of my favorites this week, so I really cannot complain.

As I said at first, I have wanted to try this picture of a while and finally decided to just do it.  Of course, it might need a little perfecting, but I am reasonably pleased with the results.  I tried to use my wedding rings, but I was having troubles (doesn’t that sound about right? lol), so I used the hubsters.


I did it again friends, another picture and another post. Yesterday,  someone said, I must be dedicated to do this every night, I believe I am dedicated to this blog and getting more experience with my camera, plus getting creative pictures.

Good Night beautiful friends!!! May you have the sweetest of dreams.



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