Yes, I have done it again, it’s another cat picture, at least it is a different cat.

I have so many thoughts going through my little head right now I cannot seem to wrangle them into a legible thought.  What to do, what to do …. I guess I could ramble on for a few sentences and I might be able to squeeze out a few words to from a readable sentence.  Better yet, I will just pass on any words and move on to the picture.

So this is our Juliette, yes that is her name.  She was entrusted to us by a friend who rescues animals.  She found her running along a very busy freeway, she stopped her car, jumped out and scooped her up.  Luckily the freeway was going very slow (image a freeway not moving so free), so no harm done.  I named her on the way home, before I even asked the hubby if we could have her (I just knew he would say yes).  She has been part of our family ever since.  We love this girl!!!


It’s been a good day and I am ready for a good nights sleep.

Good Night beautiful friends!!!


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