Josephine, again

Yes, I had a little bit of a busy day and evening, so I have landed on my fall back subject, our Josephine.  She is just so darn cooperative and easy to photograph.

So here I sit, trying to type this blog when I am just so dang tired.  Why do I wait so late to do this thing, but I will pull through and get the job done.

Don’t you love days when things just seem to go well and you work with a great bunch of people … today was one of those days.   It was an awesome-sauce kind of day and I feel blessed to have had such a great day, but now I am tired (since I waited so very late to post this), so I shall retire to bed and have sweet dreams of days to come.

Of course the photo is our Josephine, she was there and I had the camera, it is the perfect combination to create a photo that is pleasing to the eye and worthy of posting here.  When I took this of our sweet Josey, something had intrigue her interest, never really did know what that was, maybe she hear a leave blowing in the wind.


So I did it another day that I actually picked up my camera and photographed something, yes it is a cat picture, but at least I can say I did it TODAY!!! So if your counting the number of days (and I most certainly am), today is day 56!!!!

Good Night beautiful friends!! Sleep well and have the sweetest of dreams or if your day is just starting, have a fabulously wonderful day!!!!


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