Close up

Tonight was a night of experimenting with different things, so the picture is another flower, however, at least is a little different  as it is a closeup. Gaining experience with the camera is a good thing for me, so even though the picture seems just like all other flower pictures,  the knowledge I gained is a good thing.

Fun day Friday is a happy day!!! The work week is done, time to enjoy the weekend with my cats and my hubby.  You know  I can always count on my cats to need me and let me know that they love me.  Plus, when I talk to much (which is always a real thing) they can’t run away, but they do run from the camera.

Okay, so lets just get to the picture.  I really don’t have a lot to say about the picture, it’s a flower, it has water droplets, what more needs to be said.  I will say that I did take other pictures which have given me some ideas for future photos.close-to-the-flower

There you have it, another flower and this was taken tonight.

Good Night and have the sweetest of dreams!


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