Water Drop Flower

It is incredible ….. it is incredible that this is my forty-fourth post on this blog.  That means for the last forty-four days I have picked up my camera and went on a photographing frenzy.  For forty-four days I have posted on this blog and tried to be witty plus creative in my written, while being entertaining at the same time.  Finally, because of these last forty-four days, I am slowly overcoming my unpleasant procrastinating side.

We need to make sure we tell others how we feel about them.  It really doesn’t make you shine less when you say something nice about someone.  We all shine, but each of us shine differently.  A very nice lady gave me a sweet compliment the other day and what popped into my head …. “Shine on like the diamond you are” ….. a little over the top, probably so, but that is just how good the compliment felt.  Sometimes in our journey through this life we may feel inadequate and that is how I felt at that very moment, but that one complement lifted me so much that silly thought popped into my head.   So go out there my friends, give those compliments and spread some happiness!!!

Tonight’s picture is a little unimaginative,  but that’s how it is sometimes.  I just could not think of anything else, with the flowers and the water handy, the picture is the obvious result.


There you have it my friends, it’s another flower picture (which I have heard is an over done subject, I guess that is becoming true here, ha)

Good Night my friends!!! Have the sweetest of dreams!!!


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