Spoon of water

Just goes to show if you have water, a spoon and a camera you can make an interest picture.  I had something else in mind for tonight’s picture, however, it will take a little more research and work to accomplish the vision I have in my mind (my mind, a very scary place to be).

Today whilst I was driving to work I started thinking about an event that happened yesterday.  I realized I felt that someone didn’t trust me to handle something that she needed, it was really just information she needed.  Well, this had me thinking about how many times I gave my worries to God, but I don’t let go of the worry, like I don’t trust him to handle it and work things out.  Well, it was quite the eye opener and I really need to work on that.

I always find water an interesting subject to photograph and add a spoon and voilà, it’s like magic (well, not really, but it is pretty cool).


Ignore the dirtiness of my sink, still a nice photo.

Good Evening my beautiful friends!! Have the sweetest of dreams.


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