It’s a ball

A few weeks ago I purchased this ball to photograph with and I decided today was the day to try it out, well again. So with my trusty camera in one hand and the crystal ball in the other, I took a trip outside, I didn’t really go very far, just in my yard.

It’s Monday again, while I am not much of a fan of Monday, I am thankful to be able to experience the manic that is Monday.  I do like that Monday is another chance to be better, do better and try again.  I am extraordinarily good at the trying again part, I do this part really well over and over and over again.  ha  I am also thankful I have a job for which to spend this manic Monday and it was a short work day!!! Now, home to my four cats and the hubby, enjoying this quiet evening and trying to come up with intelligent things to say, which I do believe I am failing at tonight.  So let’s move on to tonight’s photo …

I am working on getting an interesting picture with this crystal ball and believe I am getting closer.


There you have it short and sweet and to the point.

Have a great evening and enjoy your time this evening whether it’s with family, friends, alone, with a book, TV or whatever, just enjoy your evening.  After reading this I have most definitely decided I need to invest in a book to help with my writing stills, so stay tuned.


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