Floating flowers

Yes its flowers again, look I paid for this flowers so you better believe I am going to photograph them a lot. On another note, I am a little amazed at myself for keeping up with this blog for this many days in a row!!!

I truly love Sundays, for going to church always recharges me for another of week.  This week has been a particularly difficult week and I was in need of a recharge.  The message seemed to be just for me, especially one specific part that dealt with negative talk to oneself.  Negative talk is an awful thing, the voice that constantly harasses you, telling you lies about yourself  …. you are not good enough, you are not smart enough, you are blah, blah and the worse one … nobody likes you!!!! I have a new arsenal for which I will try to combat those nasty awful lies!!! So here’s to a new week with new positive thoughts and a lot less negative self talk.

So lets talk about tonight’s picture, yes it is a flower picture, as I stated above, I spent money one these and I would like to get my monies worth. ha  Another reason for this exact photo of the flowers is quite simple, I need new batteries for my flash transmitter so very few pictures were taken tonight.  This picture is the best I could get under my limited circumstances tonight.  Batteries are on the shopping list for tomorrow.


Well there you have it, another flower picture, I know you are hoping this doesn’t become a thing like the cat pictures …. I am not making any promises.

Good Night my beautiful friends.  Have the sweetest of dreams and a good nights rest.


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