It’s a full moon

Well I was going to try to catch the eclipse, but as it can be at times, it’s about location, location, location and apparently I was not in the right location to photograph the full eclipse.

I cannot express how glad I am that this week is finally over.  Today we said our final goodbyes to our dear sweet friend Raydene.  She was a tower of strength in a small frame, she was fighter, she was courageous, she was a photographer, she was wife, she was a mother, she was a grandmother and she was my friend.  So proud that I can say that, she was my friend.  I truly believe God puts people in our lives to help us, in my case to help me mature and grow, both spiritual and just plain grow up.  I love you Raydene!!!

So yes this is a picture of the full moon, it’s not a cat, although I do believe a cat was close by when I took the picture.  Really not much more to say, it’s a moon and it’s full.


The day is over, the day is done and I’m going to bed.

Good Evening my friends and sweet dreams!!!


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