Make a wish

So I still have not taken a  photograph of horses,  because truthfully I have not really pursued the idea with much effort, I am a little worn out from this week.  After eating jelly beans for a week and now cutting myself off, I think I am now having sugar withdraws.  I have just enough energy to get myself to work and do my job and then home to crash, but boy do I still love those jelly beans.

This week is not only about the jelly beans, it’s about the loss of those around you,  those folks who made you feel like you matter and maybe you just didn’t realize how much they matter to you.  This week is about letting people know how you feel about them, who really does matter to you and just maybe it’s lots of those people (even if you don’t always let them know).   I don’t always do or say the right things, but I hope I am there for those people when they need something.  It’s the little things sometimes that matter the most …. a kind word, a hug or maybe just listening(not always easy for me).

Maybe that’s why I titled this picture ‘Make a Wish’,  a wish to be better with others, a wish that I will listen more and talk less.  When I came home I noticed this dandelion so full and complete, I usually don’t see them this full, so I naturally grabbed my camera.  For this picture I used a closeup filter on my lens and I like the results.


So there you have it, a dandelion to make a wish.

Have a lovely evening my friends!!!



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