Well, it’s a cat

As you can see, I did not photograph any horses today.  I am a little bummed, I thought a pasture down the street usually had horses on it, but today … no horses.  I have not given up and hopefully will have a horse picture by the weekend.

I do have a very good reason for my desire to take this horse picture, it will be in honor of my sweet friend Raydene.  She was a  very sweet lady who loved horses and photography, so I thought it would be fitting. I tell you she was a strong woman of faith and loved her family and I feel very blessed to have known this wonderful lady!!! She will missed immensely, by so many who loved that smile of hers and her courageous spirit.  I am sad she is no longer with us, but because of her faith I know where she is now and I am hoping she is riding horses as much as she can and drinking all the Dr Pepper she can handle.  Believe me I will be working diligently at getting this horse picture for my lovely friend.

Okay, so yes it is a cat, but I really think Raydene would think this was a suitable substitute, as she knew my feelings for cats was the same as how she felt about horses.  So that is why it is a cat, I really do believe Raydene would approve.


So there you have it, another cat picture for another day and hopefully another day will have a horse picture.

Good Night my friends.  Hug your friends extra tight and make sure they know how much you love them, there is nothing wrong with being a little mushy every now and then.


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