But it’s a leaf

Yes, today’s picture is a thrilling picture of a leaf, that’s right you heard me …. a leaf!! I have been a little under the weather, which makes me a little down, so for me to still complete this blog everyday is a grand thing.

Today I actually completed a project and then I napped, napped and napped.  This really makes for a great day, sometimes the body just needs rest.  I also have a confession to make … I am NOT watching the Super Bowl!!!!! Taking pictures,typing, doing laundry and of course the napping, napping,napping, yep, that is the day in the life of me! haha Do I feel like I am missing something,  not really, I am sure I will hear about the game, the commercials and Lady Gaga for the next week, at least I will be surprised!!

So as stated in the title, the picture is a leaf (really need to stop giving that away in the title). I was experimenting with settings, which is the point of this blog.  Plus I am not feeling very good, this picture was simply and easy. So there you have it … a leaf.


So there you have it, my leaf picture!!!

Have a great evening and Good Night!!!



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