Okay, so back to the cats

Yes, you read that correctly, tonight’s photo is another cat picture.  I did take other photos, however they just did not make the cut for this blog.  I did learn from the other photos, to more specific, I learned what not to do with the other photos. ha

I have sat here trying decide what to write tonight and all of it sounds to much of a me, me, me story.  I am also thinking about how this week went and the interactions with others along the way.  There are some really wonderful people out there in this world of ours, those who help you to get through your day.  I am really trying to see the positive in each day and each person I meet, some days I don’t always succeed.  Some days I am hard on others, but I am also hard on myself for those moments.  That is really what is so wonderful about life, each day is a new day to do the right thing, do better than you did yesterday, for that I am truly grateful.

As the title implies, tonight’s photo is of a cat.  While taking photos of this and that, I cannot help but snap a few of my cats, I have four after all.  This is my Snowball, she is so gorgeous and I caught her at the right moment.


So there you have it my friends, it is another cat picture, but what a beauty even if she stuck her tongue out.

Good Night my beautiful friends. Sweet dreams.




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