Here’s the picture

Slowly I am starting to think outside the cat with my pictures (come on you must admit that’s kind of funny).  I am actually feeling a little under the weather today and still I was able to come through with a picture and it’s a little creative (at least to me).

As I said, today I have fallen under a bug of some sort and barely made it through the day.  It’s days like today in which you realize that people can be truly helpful.  I was fortunate enough to have a co-worker with me who helped me, she actually carried the day.  Seriously, if she wasn’t there, I do believe I would have fallen out.  I am now home, I have napped for a bit and now I have managed to muster up enough energy to take the photo and post it.  So that is it, I have nothing left to give today.  So I will just move on to the picture.

Surprise, it’s not a cat picture and I actually worked to get the image I wanted, somewhat.  I tried many different camera settings, I was just trying to seeing what worked best and to achieve the result I was looking, again somewhat. I would like to say mission accomplished, but as I said, I am just somewhat happy with the results.  Fortunately, I created this blog to help me improve my photography, so don’t be surprised if you see an image like this again, only better.


So that is it my friends, I am done for the night and going to bed to rest.

Good Night and have the sweetest of dreams my friends.



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