Here I am again

I am so pleased that I am still keeping up with this blog.  This marks my thirtieth post, that is thirty post in a row my friends!!! As I am typing this, I have so many thoughts going through my mind about photo ideas and other ideas about this blog.  Thinking is a great thing, better yet write down those thoughts, because if you are me, you will not remember that thought later.

You know in the above paragraph when I said to write down your ideas, well it would be extremely delightful for me right now if I had some ideas written down, as I have nothing to say right now …. no thoughts, no ideas, nothing, nada, zip, empty.  Since I have nothing, I will move on to the photo.

Yes, it is my Josey again, but she looks as if she is on the prowl.  As I was going about the house getting ideas, experimenting with different shots (which obviously didn’t work out since I am posting a picture of my Josey), I naturally had the inclination to take a few photos of Josey and it may seem she is my favorite, however in reality she is the only one that doesn’t run and hide from me when I have my camera. So without any further delay …..


I really love how her whiskers are so pronounced, they are almost the star of the picture.

So there you have it my friends, another day, another photo and another post (the thirtieth, yay!!!) Good night friends and sweet dreams!!! Oh and a little shout because tomorrow is Friday!!!!!



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